Don’t get fat at your desk! Simple tricks to burn more calories at work

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Too busy to workout?! The reality is with a busy London lifestyle it’s never easy to stick to a schedule, especially if you have other commitments. In fact, you will probably find yourself snacking constantly to keep your energy levels up and this is may be adding to the problem. However fear not, you can burn more calories at work by following these simple tips.

1. Walk, Run or Cycle

Public transport condition have never been a worse and our streets are becoming more and more congested. Maybe it’s time to start walking, cycling or jogging to work? Even if it means getting off a stop earlier this is a great way to maximise your time most efficiently. Remember one 30 minute brisk walk could burn upto 200 calories, that’s 1000 kcal each week and 2000 kcal if do the return trip. With time such activities can be part of your regular commute, additionally you can sleep easy knowing your carbon footprint has been reduced.

2. Take the Stairs


Too obvious? Maybe so but none the less true. Ditch the elevator and go manual. Although it may seem like a basic activity, taking the stairs instead of the escalator/lift can burn upto 7 times more calories than the former. For advanced gym goers try taking 2 or 3 steps at a time, a climbing lunge if you will – a great booty building exercise.

“those who eat outside their workplace tend to be more positive than their desk eating counterparts”

3. Hydrate and Hydrate Often

If your too busy to workout you probably too busy to eat right however, drinking water takes no time at all. Keeping properly hydrated promotes metabolism, fat loss, nutrient delivery and toxin elimination from the body. Fill up your water bottle at the beginning of the day and aim to refill it at least once. Alternatively buy a 2 litre bottle each day and finish it by the time you sleep.

4. Workout in the Morning



Okay this one isn’t quite “at work” but fitting a workout in before the office will boost your metabolism throughout the day – good choice especially for people who lack time during the day or rarely leave their offices.

5. Get out the Office for Lunch

Many of us prefer eating at our desks rather than venturing outside in search of food, but you would be missing a big calorie busting opportunity in doing so. A brisk walk to and from the shops will help you shed those pounds but even more than that, it’s great for the mind. Studies show that those who eat outside their workplace tend to be more positive than their desk eating counterparts.

Remember one 30 minute brisk walk could burn upto 200 calories

There you have it 5 simple tricks to burn more calories at work. This list is not exhaustive and does not cover the importance of consuming a well balanced lunch. If you are truly serous about trimming the fat then you should really read our article on the importance of meal preparation for weight loss.

Need to eat more than once at work? Our meal management bags are the cool way to keep your food fresh whilst on the move.

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Mehmet is a qualified pharmacist and lover of shorts, whatever the season. Whilst his background is in science his interests are in fitness, music and entrepeneurship. He is the founder of Gym Meals London and believes quality food, an active lifestyle and regular stretching is the obvious secret to good health.

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