The Best Protein Shake Bottles 2016

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We’ve all got a stack of them at home but how many of them do you actually use? More than likely you have a few favourites that are used all the time and the others are classed as ‘emergency shakers’, only to be used when the ‘good ones’ are lost, in the dishwasher or unwashed.

Two Types of People

When it comes to shakers there are two types of people, those who buy cheap and those who buy quality. Those who buy cheap hate spending money on shakers. They use the cheapest ones they can find will often never buy one directly, instead they try collecting free shakers thrown in with an expensive protein powder order. If you’re reading this article you probably fall into the second category, the group that sees value in quality products. A good shaker will not only last you a long time but you shouldn’t need to worry about it leaking when you actually ‘shake’ it. Quality bottles also feel nicer and have extra storage compartments for more powder and supplements.


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If you haven’t worked it out already, you get what you pay for. Cheap products are just that, cheap. If you’ve been having shaker problems recently, maybe you need to upgrade. Here is our top 5 protein shakers money can buy

The Best Protein Shake Bottles Ever Made

5.Umuro ONE v2


A water bottle and protein bottle in one, well that’s the theory at least. Fill the bottle with water and drink away, then at the push of a button your protein powder, or whatever powder you put into it, will drop with a clever aggregator (shaker ball) to mix it all together. We like the idea of this bottle but the reality is slightly less glamorous. The powder compartment is not very big and will fit one large scoop of protein max. If you use more than one scoop this bottle will only frustrate you. If you use it for BBCAs or another non protein post workout drink then it could work but I found loading the powder compartment to be a real pain. The bottle itself is made of quality plastic but with a retail price of £24.99 I think it’s overpriced. You can only carry one small compartment of powder and it’s not the easiest method available.

Verdict: If you’re primarily concern is looking cool in front of your mates, and don’t mind spending the money, this is definitely the bottle for you. If on the other hand you want something more functional and affordable, keep reading. Buy it from Amazon

4.Cyclone Cup


Another cool looking shaker, but far more affordable, is the cyclone shaker (£13.99 RRP). They claim that their cyclone technology, it’s not a Dyson, mixes up the toughest ingredients with ease, but I found it to be no more superior than the classic ‘mesh’ aggregator. None the less, it does look cool and it has a large screw on compartment at the bottom for extra supplements. Some users have found the shaker cup to be too small but personally I prefer the smaller size bottles as 1) I don’t add large volumes of water to my shakers and 2) It takes up less room in my bag

Verdict: If you’re bored of the classic shaker look, then mix things up (no pun intended) with this. It only offers one extra compartment, but it’s a big one and the bottle feels really high quality. Buy it from Amazon

3.Core 150


For those who want a big bottle with multiple storage compartments, this is the one for you. Boasting a 1000ml bottle size and 3 good sized storage compartments the Core 150 bottle is the largest we found. It’s available in multiple colours and retails for only £12.99, although on Amazon you can find it for around £8.50 which is really good value. The problem with keeping the extra storage inside the cup is that it can get a little messy once you’ve had your first shake. Although the compartments do not touch the sides of the bottle when in place, you will end up touching the sides as you’re putting them back in. Additionally when it’s being knocked about inside your bag, and inevitably it will, protein juices will cover those internal compartments, unless of course you rinse the bottle after each use. Note that the 3 extra compartments are not detachable which a shame as it makes things a little more tricky (not by much).

Verdict: If you need a large capacity bottle with extra storage compartments, look no further. Buy it from Amazon.

 2.Smart Shaker


The original multi-compartment shaker and probably the most recognised shaker around. The smart shaker offers two extra compartments and a medium sized (400ml) shaker bottle. Their standard bottles retails for £9.99 but amazon offers them for £5.95, depending on the colour. If you prefer a smaller sized bottle then this perhaps is the bottle for you, and the smallest on our list. One of the extra compartments comes with a 4 way divider so you can store your pill/tablets

Verdict: Great shaker at an even better price. If you need a bigger cup they also do an ‘800ml’ version whereby the cup itself is 600ml. Buy it from Amazon

1.Blender Bottle ProStak


Unsurprisingly at the top of our list is the Blender Bottle ProStak. When we decided we wanted to include a protein bottle with the purchase of one of our quality meal management bags, we wanted the best. We own every shaker on this list plus several more that didn’t make it. After months of buying and testing new shakers we settled on the ProStak and for good reason too.

Made from high quality polypropene plastic this shaker is durable, easy to clean and the most functional shaker out there. In place of the classic mesh, this shaker uses their patented blender ball to mix your beverage and whilst I wouldn’t say it’s any better or worse than a mesh, it’s certainly a little easier to clean. It comes with 2 storage compartments and each have their own independent lid. Why is this useful? Well it means you can carry the compartments with or without the bottle, or lend a mate some protein powder.

The supplied supplement jars interlock with ease and stack on top of each other, hence the name, and if needed you can buy more (without the bottle) to expand your storage. Pills can be stored in a clever concealed compartment beneath the lid of the jars which is split into two smaller compartments. The bottle is 100% leak proof and as with the other shakers on this list it is also BPA free and dishwasher safe. I find the cup size perfect at 500ml but those who need a larger capacity may be more suited with the core 150 shaker.

Verdict: This is the best shaker on the market. It mixes well, it’s easy to clean and the storage is unlimited, you just need to purchase the extra compartments if you need more than two. I have provided a link to buy the orginal shaker from Amazon but if you like our limted edition Make, Shake, Take version you can buy it from our store. Alternatively get it for less than half the price when you pruchase one of our Genesis or Fearless meal prep bag bundles (water bottle, ProStak shaker, food containers and ice packs all included).


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