Weight Loss and Meal Planning go Hand in Hand

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You are about to embark on a journey towards losing weight. You have been researching information, studied nutrients and everything you could find on the topic. However, you feel like something is missing. When everything else fails, you can never go wrong with meal planning. Be prepared at any moment of your life and lose the weight for good.

What is Meal Prep?

Meal prep consists of organising and cooking your food in advance for a couple of days or even an entire week. You pick a convenient day and for a few hours, you just prepare your meals. Then you store them in specially designed containers and enjoy the rest of your day. You will start fresh in the morning and be ready for anything that might come your way. No more meal thoughts in the days/weeks to come. You will just enjoy your food and your life.

Meal prep can be used to help with weight loss and bodybuilding. Discipline is critical when you decide to change your life and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Meal prep does exactly that – it teaches you how to become aware of the importance of planning ahead. You get at least three major benefits: you save time, money, and you will have better health.

“It is less likely for you to turn to unhealthy foods once you have meals and snacks with you”

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How to Meal Prep?

You will need the following:

  • Good quality containers (that you can use to reheat your food)
  • A solid meal prep bag (to carry with you to work or at the gym)
  • A Meal plan – including food choice, portioning (calorie counting and assigning labels), grocery list, recipes, a food scale and measuring cups. As you get more familiar with planning your meals, you can complete the list so as to fit your needs better.

Carry upto 8 meals plus supplements, shaker, water bottle, headphones and accessories

It might seem too much of a hassle, but you will find that meal management becomes easier after just 1-2 weeks. Give it a try! You definitely have nothing to lose, except for maybe a few pounds.

Also, keep an eye for more tips on how to organise your meals. There are also rules you can follow and secrets of the trade. Keep it straightforward and enjoyable! Don’t let yourself get bored.

“You know where you want to get, so fight for it!”

Why does Meal Planning work for Weight Loss?

You will not get caught off guard.

It is less likely for you to turn to unhealthy foods once you have meals and snacks with you. As long as you are prepared, nothing can stand in your way. Unhealthy choices are mostly made on the spur of the moment. Having your trusty meal containers with you, filled with nutritious foods means you are in charge. Cravings will slowly go away since you will no longer think about what to eat next.


Portion size does matter, especially when you want to lose weight. Use portion control each time you prep your meals, or better yet count your calories. Image Source: spoonwithme.com

You get the right amount of nutrients.

One step of meal preparation is establishing the proper amount of nutrients you need to lose weight. Protein is your best bet, along with fat. Lower your carbohydrate intake and maybe add a little more fiber in case you need it. Fiber keeps you fuller for longer periods of time. Try focusing on color and variety. Do not forget about good fats and get some seeds, nuts to use for healthy snacks.

“Do not buy fancy fruit or vegetables just because you heard they were good. Instead buy what you like”

You get quality food.

You are the one who decides what foods to get. Healthy food is just around the corner. Make the choices that suit you best. Do not buy fancy fruit or vegetables just because you heard they were good. Buy what you like but make sure they are on the healthy side. Go for fresh ingredients packed with nutrients.
Clean eating is what you should have in mind. You can make a list with foods to always eat on a daily basis and create your recipes around them.

You save time by preparing ahead.

How does this help with weight loss? You will definitely have more time to work out. This will also lower your cortisol levels and get you started on your way to a healthier, slimmer figure. Forget about the stress of not knowing what you are going to eat. It’s that simple to get the time you need to become better. Once you have more time available, you will start losing more weight. You will no longer buy cheap readymade meals with few nutrients, and you will cease to visit fast foods. Use the rest of your spare time to perform activities that make you happier and more satisfied altogether.


Meal Prep can save you valuable time. Spend at least some of the recovered time doing the things you enjoy, this will only help motivate you more.

You can take the meals with you at work or to the gym.

Planning your meals in advance and adjusting your lifestyle translates into freedom. Go to the gym and make the best out of your workouts. Know that once you’re done, there is a gym meal waiting to refuel your body. Understand that you will no longer make bad choices when it comes to what you put inside your body. Forget about staring for hours at the foods inside your fridge and not knowing what to eat next. Having meals with you all the time when at work means you will have the time to enjoy them rather than just ordering something from a menu and not actually having the slightest idea what’s in them.

You know exactly how much you are consuming.

Portion size does matter, especially when you want to lose weight. Use portion control each time you prep your meals, or better yet count your calories. Do not rely on instinct, do the math and stay focused on the goal. At the end of the day, you will feel energized and ready to live your next one with your batteries recharged. Guessing is not the way to go. Take control of the quantity of food you need to be healthier and lose weight at the same time. Be true to yourself and the pounds will start coming off.

With that said, get out of your comfort zone and start putting yourself first. Plan your way to success. Your health matters, you matter. If meal planning is for you, then you will definitely cash out the benefits. Weight loss couldn’t be easier. Just make sure you invest in quality, rather than quantity. Be picky when it comes to your body’s image. Get the best food storage containers out there, the best foods you can find and work your way to the top.


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