Workout and Nutrition Log – For Women

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It’s you versus you, and the you of tomorrow will be better than the you of yesterday. The you of today works relentlessly. Plans carefully. Executes with precision a plan built by repetition, results, trial and error. It is only by learning from history are we are destined for greatness.

Your goal can be achieved by doing the right things consistently, but how do you know whats working and what isn’t if you’re not recording and measuring? You can’t! Without knowing what has worked in the past (and what has not), you will inevitably miss your target.

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Product Description

Superior Training, Not Luck

Tracking your metrics is easier than ever with our training and nutrition log book. Quickly and easily identify the weakest part in the chain and fix it fast. Find where you can improve–look back at your previous workouts set challenges for your next workout.

How this Book Can Help YOU:

  • Constant Motivation, focus and discipline A constant reminder of your goals, a constant reminder of your progress, of what you have learnt and how far you have to go. The physcial action of writng things down is a proven method of effectively reminding your subconcious of your goals… it keeps you on top, it keeps you motivated even when you are months or years into your training. Imagine how much quicker you could make your body transformation if you were always focussed and disciplined.
  • More effective training The numbers don’t lie! You can’t hide away from yourself. If you have under performed you will quickly see where you need to improve. Your workouts will be more effective -you will know what weights or exercises you did last week; you can predict what you need to do this week to push your body further. Challenge yourself and feel better after you train.
  • Better nutrition , quicker results – by monitoring your nutrition intake you know how frequently you achieve you calorie targets. You can also take the book to a qualified nutritionist or trainer for feedback.

Additional information

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  • A6
  • 132 Pages
  • 48 x Workout entries (12 weeks)
  • 48 x Nutrition entries (12 weeks)
  • 12 x Weekly body measurement progress entries (12 weeks)
  • 90 Day consistency chart
  • Quick reference macro nutrient guide
  • 3 page stretching guide