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If you’re new to meal prep and looking to lose weight, build lean muscle, start eating healthy or want to look and feel better in general – read on

This site is free to access and dedicated to help you get started with meal prepping.

Below you will find a series of articles to help you get meal prepping, starting from meal prep 101 which will teach you everything you need to know about meal prepping. You will find calculators to help you work out you macros, real example meal prep plans and our personal recommendations for essential equipment.

There is a ton of information available on the internet and some of that stuff is really good. To save you time, we have complied the best resources from the net and you’ll find the links directing you to those sites below too.

Once your finished here you’ll be equipped with everything there is to know about healthy eating and be up meal prepping in no time. If you need any extra support you can always contact us.

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Useful Articles

If your new to meal prep I recommend you start by checking out our ultimate guide to meal prep but also these awesome articles by Nerd Fitness. It’s a 2 part article with the first part explaining why you should plan your meals and the second part showing you how to meal prep step by step. Very useful. Click on the images to open them.


Calorie Calculators
If your thinking that you don’t know the first thing about counting calories, you’re wrong…well you might be right but the point is it’s very simple and doesn’t take much time at all. We’ve written an article detailing how to count calories and food labels which you should definitely check out.

If you already know all of that and are only looking for a simple calorie calculator tool, check out the one below. Free and easy to use: – Simple calorie calculator takes into consideration your height, weight, age, gender and activity level to give you the estimated calorie requirements to maintain, gain and lose weight. Note whilst it does give you the number of calories to add and loose 1kg per week we recommend you stick with 0.5kg per week, after all slow and steady wins the race. FYI: The number needed to maintain your existing weight is also known as your BMR

Note we never recommend super low calorie diets. Whilst you may see short term benefits it will hinder your long term results because it is not a sustainable diet.

BMI Calculator

BMI is the standard measurement your doctor would use to check if your a healthy weight. It allows you to see if your overweight or underweight or within regular safe limits. There are however limitations to the BMI. The most noteworthy limitation is that fact that it does not distinguish between muscle, fat or water weight. This means that a 120kg stage ready bodybuilder may have receive a score indicating that they are obese when in actual fact they are far from it. Most people will not need to worry about this inaccuracy however because most of us aren’t 120kg stage ready bodybuilders.

To calculate your BMI use the NHS BMI calculator (you will need your height in cm and weight in kg)

Related Article: Fit and fat: Is BMI the best way to tell if you’re healthy?

One Rep Max and Suggested Weights Calculator (
This is a pretty handy tool for the weight lifters out there. You put in the weight and reps you performed for a particular exercise and it will give you a suggested one rep max and percentage breakdowns of that weight. This is great if your exercise routine calls for you to lift say 80% of your one rep max (ORM) for a set number of lifts. It also allows you to see how hard your really pushing yourself in relation to your ORM.

Note that the only way to truly know you ORM is to do it physically in person, with someone else for safety. This will ONLY give you an estimate.

Meal Prep Services in the UK

Below are links to meal prep services available in the UK. Note these are direct links to those sites and we have no affiliation or control over their services or prices. If you want us to review any of these services get in touch, we have been thinking about doing it but it’s a massive task and will only do it if that’s what the ‘people’ want.

Once thing I would say before ordering you meals from any meal prep supplier is to first workout your calorie requirements and then decide how many of your meals/calories you want to buy in. If you decide you want to buy in all your nutrition that’s fine but eating from the same place 7 days a week can get boring so keep that in mind (believe me I tried). I also recommend you read the number of calories you’re actually getting per meal as that can be a costly mistake if your not careful.

Fresh Ftiness Foods – Bespoke meal prep service. More expensive that the others but it is also catered exactly to your needs. Covers London and surrounding areas.

Progains – Simple affordable option. Easy to order, pick a protein, carb and veg and your done. You cant adjust the P:C:F ratio but it definitely saves time cooking – Shares the same name as us but we are two separate companies with zero affilation to each other. We do meal bags they do meals.

Fit-Fuel – If you’ve ever been to the Body Power expo you know Fit-Fuel. Order set meals in units of 12 and 18. They will cater for Muslims (halal), gluten intolerance’s and lactose intolerance’s but apart from that there is zero flexibility. – formerly Mealtek, the new name comes with a simplified menu, cheaper pricing but less flexibility.

Useful Meal Prep Videos

Meal Prep In Under an Hour – a video by

Beginners Guide to Meal Prep – a Step by Step Guide

Example Meal Prep/ Diet Plans

We all have a tendency to want to do what others are doing but this can be a slippery slope. When it comes to fitness you really need to workout what works best for you, not works best for someone else, and that can take a little trial and error. This applies both in the gym and the kitchen. Whilst I have provided you a few examples from people you may know your goal should be to create your own plan, something you can really get along with.

Instagram Accounts

If you’re on Instagram (or Facebook) don’t forget to follow us @gymmealslondon but in all honesty the accounts below will be more useful. Personally I find some of the meals featured on Instagram to be too complicated and long winded to make, and some are in no way healthy, but they will inspire you to try something new and that’s why I think it’s worth a look, and maybe a follow.




Youtube Channels

You really can teach yourself anything from YouTube and there are some really great you-tubers out there who specialise in fitness and meal prep. The ones below are my favourite training channels but I’m sure there are a ton more.

Word of warning: Advice on the internet is often free but be careful who you accept advice from. In the fitness industry accepting advice from the biggest guy is not always the wisest, although a common mistake. Try find people who are as much like you as possible and remember training natural and training with PED’s requires a different approach. Ask yourself, how is this person qualified to dispense advice.

Athlean X – Putting the science back in strength.
Why do I like Athlean X? As a qualified physical therapist this guy knows what he’s talking about. Unfortunately there is far to much crap information out there by people who got jacked yet really have no idea what they are actually saying. Athlean X approaches strength training through science and will help you address those muscle imbalances as you get stronger.

Stength Camp (Yo Eliot!) – Elliott Hulse
Doesn’t always make sense and when you watch enough of his videos you’ll find he constantly contradicts himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong either. His videos tend to be a question answer format and one thing Elliott understands is that we are all different. What works for one person may be ineffective for another. His videos are helpful, entertaining and go beyond strength training. If your seeking motivation or some insight into a healthy mindset check him out.

Untamed Strength – Alan Thrall
If you’ve seen our article on squatting techniques then you’ve seen one of Alan’s videos. He has some great tips and even more epic beard. This is another channel focused on strength but he has a bunch of how to videos explaining the best techniques for a particular exercise, which is actually how I first discovered his channel.

Useful Sites

Obviously we ave a bunch of great articles that you can check out, but these sites are awesome too. Between them you can probably find the answer to anything you can dream up. – The  oldest bodybuilding website on the net and has a ton of great information, but a ton a rubbish too aimed at flogging more supplements. As long as your remain vigilant of the supplement salesman you should be able to find answers to most of your questions here but remember, if your training natural don’t follow the routine of a ‘less natural’ athlete. – Really cool website that goes deep into science of strength. Whilst its focus is aimed at strength (power-lifters) it is a recommended resource for any serious lifter as the principles remain the same.

T-Nation – Testosterone nation is like a gritty and it too is a supplement store. It’s less salesman and has some really good articles so it’s definitely worth checking out. The real charm to this site is the openness they discuss steroids in the sport, something you won’t find on They have a ‘steroid’ forum and a series of articles discussing the use in bodybuilding, like this one.